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About Ellen Velayati

Entrepreneur, Business Strategist,Author, Investor,Mom and speaker

Ellen Velayati, with over two decades of experience, brings a unique blend of entrepreneurial insight, leadership skills, and a passion for empowering businesses to thrive.

Her journey began in traditional companies and step by step she evolved into founding and leading her ventures, serving as CEO and board director where she use her change management and leadership insights . Managing the IT department at the university, where she oversaw all departmental operations, programs, and making strategic investments in the real estate world give her insights and experience. These experiences have fine-tuned her skills in communication, management, team leadership, and the strategic achievement of goals.


She excels in identifying gaps, creating plans to enhance processes and products, and successfully implementing those plans. As well as leveraging emotional intelligence for team empowerment. she believes a well implementation of people (team), process (course of actions) and product or services can thrive businesses.

Ellen combines practical business experience with a strong academic background by holding an MBA, iiBA, and master's in information technology to enhance her practical experience on a higher level.


Her unwavering passion lies in helping aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses achieve their dreams of financial independence and time freedom, a mission that drives her every effort.

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Mission Statement:

Empowering individuals, aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses to attain both time and financial freedom. Through a combination of seasoned expertise, strategic insights, and unwavering passion, our commitment is to empower dreams, recognize potential, set realistic goals, support sustainable growth, and create pathways for success.

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